The Supa Haute Gift Guide


It’s 4 days away from Christmas and I’m going to guess you aren’t done with your shopping yet. Don’t lie I see you sneakily opening up a new tab right now to google “Cheap gifts for dads”. We’ve all been there don’t worry. Well ok not to brag but I’m all done. I’m on my gaaaaaame this year. Santa better watch out. And since I’m such a nice giving Habanero I’ve even got a present for you guys. It’s the gift of gift ideas. Yes yes your welcome. No need to cry. Here you can have a tissue too. So go get your credit card and maybe a helmet light ladies and gents because we’re about to delve into a pretty long cave filled with ideas.

Where’s Karl?


If you know someone who is constantly losing their glasses or car keys only to find them days later on top of the counter right next to their very noticeable pink neon coffee maker, maybe you should get them this little book (and maybe a new coffee maker, just sayin). Where’s Karl is a modern day twist on the Where’s Waldo faze of a long time ago (2013). But unlike poor Waldo, Karl Lagerfeld along with other various public figures (Kim Kardashian, Anna Wintour, Beyonce, you name it) are dressed impeccably making them even harder to find amongst crazy scenes of the Met Gala and New York. It also makes for a great replacement to wood for your fireplace. I’m joking. Never burn anything that has to do with Karl. He’s a bawse.


Chanel Coco Bath Soap

411707-zoomThis makes for the perfect gift for your mother. Even though giving someone soap for Christmas seems a little offensive, it’s Chanel. Your mother would understand. I wouldn’t even mind getting a piece of coal as long as its stamped with a Chanel logo. And I’m sure it smells like the inside of a Chanel bag. Mmm I think I might even order this for myself.


Slip Silk Eye Mask


This is a fairly gender neutral gift. Granted it is pink. But hey even men can wear pink. I mean come on who wouldn’t want to wear silk on their eyes as they sleep. It will ensure you have good dreams forever. No more nightmares of Forever 21 closing (the worst nightmare ever trust me). Also it probably keeps your eyes pretty cool since silk is generally cold to the touch, which would help immensely with under eye bags. It’s a win win.


Amazon Echo Dot


Have you ever wanted a personal butler? Do you know someone who wants one? Well I think I found the next best thing. This handy dandy little gadget thingy acts as your personal music playing, uber ordering, news reading, call making butler. It also comes in some pretty neat colors to satisfy any picky person. So next time your dad makes you get up off the comfy couch and step over a bunch of potato chip bags to go and make a call to the Domino’s guy you can just smirk because under the tree is an Amazon Echo Dot just for him. Your welcome dad.


A Workout Bar


Now I’m not talking about the alcoholic bar. Oh no no no. I’m talking about the super healthy sounding pull up bar you can easily hang in any doorway. I know you’re probably thinking about your super handsome bae right now and how you totally think he should be buffin’ up his arm muscles a little to help you open up that pesky jar of pickles. Sorry man. But you’ll never have to worry about a jar opener again. And men like to workout too, right? I don’t know. If anything it’ll help him achieve that summer body for the beach.


Non-Iron Men Shirt


You know the one thing your brother hates the most… ironing. He probably has nightmares about it. This button-down low maintenance shirt is the answer to all his problems. It’s even pretty fancy so it’d work for just about any special occasion. And when he’s all done lookin’ super stylish he can just whip this puppy in the laundry without having to worry about wrinkles (or gray hairs for that matter).


Dog Frisbee


I bet you thought I forgot your pup, buut nope don’t worry I didn’t. And what’s better than a plastic Frisbee for your furry friend? A rubber one he can chew on to make sure his teeth are extra strong to bite into that steak he’s having later for dinner. Good boy Rover.


Tabasco Spicy Chocolate Wedges


Of course you can’t be a Habanero without adding something Haute to your bag of gifts. And let me tell you this chocolate is hooott, in the good way of course.

Annnnnndddd that’s all folks. I hope you found something someone you love would like out of this crazy list. Now what are you waiting for let’s go out there and shop.

A shop bell ring… Katherine



I have Autummy ache

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Deatails: Dress |Boots | Socks | Fur Vest |

So I think I’m severely diseased. Yesterday my eyes actually started randomly crying and I’ve been sweating a lot. Like buckets of sweat. I could fill the Atlantic ocean with my sweat. Just a big sweaty ocean.

Also I start rambling randomly. Especially if it’s about sweaters, cashmere sweaters. Oh yes cashmere blush colored sweater dresses mmmmm yea. Just imagine walking through a leaf filled forest with a crisp breeze blowing your hair back wearing a sweater dress. Now we’re talking. Oh no now my eyes are doing that weird crying thing. And oh golly now I’m sweating. Trust me it all has nothing to do with the fact that I’m wearing 10 layers of shirts standing on a black piece of asphalt outside Target on a 95 degree day.

Nope. I’m diseased. I went to the hospital the other day and after multiple taps on my arm bones (which I found super humerus) I was diagnosed with missing fallicles on my face and a sore throat. Which apparently is only cured with pumpkin spice lattes, sweater dresses, fur vests, knee high socks, pumpkin patches, snow drifts, forest strolls, and of course a cough drop. Well you know like I mentioned above it’s 95 degrees in my humble little town so me getting totally cured was out of the question sadly. So I said a very loud and public prayer while walking through the grocery store to the snow Gods and slipped on a sweater dress. I must’ve looked pretty good since I was getting a lot of looks that day (which had nothing to do with my frequent prayers, I’m positive).

I also stopped by a pumpkin patch and got some random shots. And wowzer was I getting some heavy fall feels. I could practically feel the fallicles growing back on my face (a weird feeling, trust me I think I’m going to exfoliate extra hard tonight).

I also sipped some pumpkin spice latte today while standing next to a very high powered fan. Whew. What a day. At least my eyes have stopped tearing up and I seem to be feeling somewhat better. I do still have that sore throat though and now my nose is starting to run. Probably just after effects for when I stood in that freezer for an hour. Nothing major. At least I’m not going to die today.

If you’re like me and feeling a little fall lacking as you sit on some recliner tanning in your green bikini maybe add a pumpkin scented body lotion to your beach bag. Or maybe even stare at a leaf picture on your phone. Hey it’s worth a try.

Leaf summer behind…Katherine

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