We Scream Just Because

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Details: Crop top | Jean Shorts | Sandals | Ice Cream

Imagine your perfect spring break outfit; sunglasses perched on your nose, red crop top blowing in the breeze, platform sandals resting on the wooden deck of some marina, and ice cream dripping down your arm.

Ok now take your eyeballs and zoom in on that ice cream. Are you zoomed in? Ok good, now take a deep breath and go look up the closest ice cream parlor because, honey, you just stumbled upon the new “it” trend. Maybe it’s been the trend for awhile. Maybe I’m a little late to the game, but those are all unimportant details because we are now on board.

And oh boy are we on board. I spent all day roaming around my town checking out haute (boys) ice cream flavors stacked in equally haute (clothes) waffle cones. From strawberry banana low fat frozen yogurt to sprinkle topped cookie dough, I tried them all.


I vote Ben and Jerrys as the best stop, but Bops is a close second.

The only problem is my stomach is now too distended to fit under my red coca cola crop top and blue-jean shorts. But luckily the shirt is stretchy and allows for air flow so my newly enlarged counterpart can stay slightly covered and non-sweaty. And believe it or not this whole outfit cost less than twenty dollars, a definite steal.

Wow this post has been all over the map from a marina to Ben and Jerrys and then Forever 21. What can I say, ice cream gives you a lot of energy. Whew, I’m sweaty.

Anyway dear Habanero, if there’s anything you learned from this quick read let’s hope it’s to eat more ice cream than you have ever eaten in your entire life and stare at boats. Inspirational words from yours truly.



Slide the sunglasses up the nose…Katherine


Pursehaps We Should Hug


Details:  Jeans | Shoes | Top | Purse | Belt


XXXX and even more Xs. Thats the new mantra for February. Normally people would be like ugh Xs thats so dark, whats wrong with you, go get a boyfriend or something you ex eyed individual. But no no kind reader, let me explain myself. You see, in the language of love (which I am fluent in, trust me) Xs mean hugs and hugs are warm and toasty and usually smell like cinnamon or some Old Spice. And you know who (or should I say what) can give you the best hug all month, every year, for the rest of your life?


That’s right, purses.

They have a thin soft strap that you can fit perfectly over your shoulder and across your body. They smell like heavenly leather/cloth/last nights perfume. They keep you warm on a cold day as you can stuff your hand into the fur/fabric interior of the main bag. They even hold everything for you so you have free arms to hug even more people. They are so diverse any outfit will go with them. Should I go on? Because I could for the rest of this page and many more pages.

Is your mouth now watering excessively for some of your own deluxe purse hugging? While on your way to the doctor’s office to get that checked out you might want to scroll through some of these beauties I found for you. Treat yo self, you know, it’s been a long year you deserve it.





These also make great Valentine’s Day gifts (wink wink). Treat yo hunny.

Pursed lips…Katherine