I Just Ate a Side of Fiatichini


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Details: Red crop shirt | Sweatpants | Shoes

One rather crisp August evening I decided to go to this pasta place on the side of the street. My friend informed me their foods were dripping in carbohydrates and the oil was to die for. I always trust my friend so naturally I had to give this place a go. Although the place had an odd name, Auto Brokers, the store front was pretty cute and there were plenty of cars parked out front, so hoping for the best I stepped inside. I was greeted by a pretty plain front desk with a couple chairs and a stack of magazines. Thinking it was a pretty odd eating arrangement I shrugged my shoulders and settled into one of the arm chairs. A man with greased back black hair and a thin mustache walked up to me and firmly shook my hand.

“Would you like to see our new line of fiats,” he asked crisply.

Thinking the man was referring to fettuccine in some weird short hand way I nodded my head politely.

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He led me out to the front of the store and pointed to a small green cute car. I thought he was telling me the noodles were inside (which kinda sounds like the beginning of some horror kidnap story now that I think about it) so I stepped into the vehicle. The man then handed me the keys and asked if I wanted to go on a test drive.

“Ooohhh so this must be how he has customers wait for their food, by doing test drives. Weird but super neat,” I thought in my head. So I took the keys and drove around the block.

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The car drove really nicely I must admit and the leather seats smelled wayy better than the perfume I had hurriedly put on that morning. The steering wheel fit snuggly in my hands and the brown and white color scheme was a perfect match to my outfit.

After a quick 10 minute drive I pulled back into the restaurant’s parking lot. I parked the car and went back inside to hand the keys back to the man.

After I told the man how nice the car was I signed some papers, which again I thought was a really odd waiting for food strategy. The man then made me pay my bill in advance, I think he said it was $10,000 which is pretty steep if you think about it for too long, but hey if the noodles are good why not. The man then handed me back the keys and shook my hand one last time and led me to the door.

Well super long story short I went home that day with a new car instead of a full belly of pasta like I was expecting. Somehow I had gotten tricked into the whole thing, and don’t worry my friend got the riot act that night over FaceTime.

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The car is cute though and I have gotten so many complements on it, so I’m not too mad. I guess the moral of this story is make sure you read Yahoo reviews before you stop by a “restaurant” or you might end up accidentally buying a car and then not being able to eat anything for a whole two months to pay back the credit card bill.

I guess you could say that restaurant was an impasta. Hahahaha. Ok sorry I think the fact I haven’t eaten in 10 days has finally caught up with me. If you know of any cool pasta places let me know in the comments below. I’ll drive, but sorry Mac and his buddy Cheese have already called shot gun.



No Regretti… Katherine


Fierce Woman Chant

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Do you want to know what’s more glorious than a long rack of black leather pants? A fierce woman. That’s right, a fierce woman. Let me say it one more time in case you didn’t catch that, a fierce woman. In fact come with me, let’s go to the top of some tall sky scraper and scream it out to all the people and yellow taxicabs below… I AM A FIERCE WOMAN!

“Now what is a fierce woman?” You may ask. Well dear reader, a fierce woman is a person who wakes up in the morning stares at herself in the mirror and rolls on red lipstick. A fierce woman is a person who ignores the weight scale in the corner of her bathroom collecting dust. A fierce woman punches the air multiple times and scream shouts the lyrics to “Eye of The Tiger” as she waits for her eggs Benedict to stop cooking. A fierce woman is someone who slips on her favorite pair of blue and white striped pants and flips her hair at the awful word “humidity”. A fierce woman is someone who lives and thrives for herself and no one else. In other words you, my friend, are a fierce woman. We are all fierce women who aren’t afraid to flaunt what we got. Oh and you gotta punctuate each of these sentences with an air fist pump and a wink, you just gotta.

Ok so you can see I’m very passionate about this whole fierce woman deal, so naturally I needed clothes to express my passion even further. And like magic my finger tapped on NSD’s (Never Stop Dreaming) clothing Instagram page (sometimes I think my finger has its own miniature brain). They have a whole line of clothes dedicated to the fierce woman message. And nothing says fierce woman like a gray body suit (it perfectly accents that arm muscle) or a black crop top (showcasing that perfect tan).

I personally adore the body suit since it literally can go with anything and the best part, you don’t have to worry about a bunchy tucked in shirt that no doubtingly will collect all your bread crumbs from lunch. I felt extra wonder womanly with this get-up on and wanted to go save someone’s life with fierce prowess, of course. Staying in that groove I decided to pair it with a pink flowy scarf I tied into a skirt (um yes a scarf, now if that’s not fierce women I don’t know what is, not trying to brag or anything) and slipped on a flower crown.

Now let’s not forget the black crop top, it’s mysterious vibe inspired my to try something a bit more dark and alluring. So I slipped on black bell bottom pants and placed a black NSD cap on my head, bam total fierce womanesque.

Not only are these two pieces (plus hat) super stylish but they’re made with 95% Rayon material which creates a super soft feel kinda like if you were wearing the inside of a baby kitten’s cheek on your body (hey don’t think about it too hard, it sounds a little weird).

If you’re now feeling very fierce (I am!) you should totally head on over to NSD’s website. They host a variety of different pieces from hats to sweat pants to hoodies to even more body suits. Also, the prices are very reasonable considering the quality of each item.

I know you are now probably super hyped about going to buy your very own fierce body suit so I’ll leave you to it. Go be fierce. Go conquer obstacles. Go take risks. Go eat pasta without a fork. Go jump a really high wall.

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Fierce woman war cry… Katherine