Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a music fanatic. Like seriously, I spend hours just laying in my queen sized bed snuggled beneath piles of clothes (What? What else am I going to do with last year’s gucci leggings?) just listening to music.

My selection changes with my mood. One day it can be a hard core rap and the next a classical piece. Instead of going out for a run or tanning like a normal person, I listen to music. I don’t even have time to shower, not with Rihanna singing her heart out in my ears. Sometimes I go weeks without moving, just laying there bobbing my head. I may be exaggerating, you’ll never know (unless you take a whiff of me which I don’t recommend hehe).

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Anyway enough about my lazy woes, let’s get to the point, Halsey’s dark heart. Of course when I heard she dropped a new album I was the first one to download the entire thing. Sadly my wifi was super slow and I had to wait 5 hours until I could actually listen to it, so I probably wasn’t the first person’s ears she blessed. Nevertheless I like to think I was since, you know, I always have to be the first to do everything (it’s a Habanero thing). Well when I finallyyy got the thing downloaded, I listened to every song and then I listened some more and more. In fact I’m listening to it for the 1000th time right now (this time, I’m not exaggerating). And all I can say is wow. She is deeep and a little heartless and maybe a little confused. She is one strong person and I hope some of her strongness rubs off on me. I mean who else can say you “try on people like jewelry” and that you “have a devil” in yourself. She makes me want to go out and break up with my boyfriend right now and then throw all his stuff into a fire. She makes the single life seem glamorous (which it totally is, trust me that is literally my Facebook bio). Because um we are strong independent women (or men) and should not be dragged down by someone else, Mic drop (or is it Mike drop hehe).

If you haven’t listened to Halsey’s album yet, go listen to it right now and maybe, you know, share your deep thoughts below in the comment section. Your ears will never be the same (or maybe that’s just mine, never listen to your music full bore kids). Now excuse me while I go shop for a shower speaker and a hearing aid.

BTW you can listen to the full album here.

Single person hand slap…Katherine


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